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Global Trade Directory - Categories in txt-formatSelected world-wide suppliers & buyers from over 125 countries
Cina, Stati Uniti, India, Gran Bretagna, Turchia, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Canada, Corea del Sud, Malesia, Taiwan, Singapore, Nigeria, Australia, Thailandia, Emirati Arabi Uniti, Iran, Germania, Italia, etc1,
1.000.000 bedrijven in 1.650 activiteitensectoren
incl. persoonlijke contacten, aantal werknemers, datum van oprichting, e-mailadres & URL, producten & diensten
Uitvoer van gegevens zonder limiet!!

Want to know who are buying the products you want to sell?
Want to know who can provide the products you are looking for?

  • more than 1,000,000 suppliers & buyers  active in major online market places
  • The only one database of its kind
  • Contact information such as email , fax, phone number ...

What's inside this CD-ROM?

This database is a list of active posters (buy & sale)  of trade leads on several major market places in the past few years who posed to buy or sell a certain products from (to) international partners.  

- Yahoo style category system let you browse businesses by industry (products and service) 
- keyword search to find category or products, or company name quickly
- Copy/Paste to export selected list


Search by Keywords Yes
Browse by category Yes
Export Function Copy & Paste, or Extra MDB file (optional)
Language English
Geographical Coverage Global
Source Online Marketplaces
Publisher Infot
Release Date recently released (no more than 6 months)
Fields included Company Name, Email*, Contact Person*, Job Title*, Web Address*, CEO/President*, Phone, Fax*, Address*, State, City*, Zip, Country, Introduction, Employees*, Sales Volumn(Y)*, Year of Est.*, Details,
* Not all entries are filled with each field


Number of total entries (companies) 1,013,431
Entries with Website 378,642
Entries with Email 229,418
Entries with Fax number 585,633
Entries with Phone number 1,013,315
Entries with Address 950,059
Entries with Post Code 828,295
Entries with Name of contact 1,013,375
* Numbers vary frequently and the final result on your CD/DVDs may differ. Duplicate exists. Some websites, emails, fax numbers or phone numbers may expire.
This product is NOT A COMPLETE LIST of businesses of this region (country or area).

What's inside the database? 

Here are the major Columns (fields):

Column Note
Business Name  
Web Address  
Mobile Phone  
No. of Emp. Number of Employees
Est. Year Year of Establish
Sales Sales Volumes (recent year)
Business Type  
Representative Name of CEO or etc.
Purchases Purchase Values (recent year)
Capital Registered capital
Markets Major markets
OEM OEM services, if any
Introduction Major products and services
Business Details  

* not all information are available for all fields

Summary by countries/areas  

Afghanistan 223
Albania 218
Algeria 522
Angola 123
Argentina 2,721
Armenia 314
Australia 15,102
Austria 1,004
Azerbaijan 301
Bahamas 288
Bahrain 559
Bangladesh 7,019
Barbados 118
Belarus 428
Belgium 2,071
Benin 1,196
Bolivia 395
Bosnia and Herzegovina 327
Botswana 246
Brazil 6,462
Brunei Darussalam 266
Bulgaria 2,406
Burkina Faso 105
Cambodia 278
Cameroon 1,140
Canada 19,134
Chile 1,977
China 60,460
Colombia 2,360
Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The 104
Costa Rica 548
Cote D'Ivoire 609
Croatia (local name: Hrvatska) 728
Cyprus 1,065
Czech Republic 1,201
Denmark 1,652
Dominican Republic 649
Ecuador 979
Egypt 8,970
El Salvador 228
Estonia 577
Ethiopia 811
Fiji 223
Finland 840
France 4,506
France Metropolitan 723
Gambia 135
Georgia 499
Germany 9,636
Ghana 2,828
Greece 3,081
Guatemala 603
Guyana 153
Haiti 124
Honduras 313
Hong Kong 22,514
Hungary 1,442
Iceland 159
India 92,841
Indonesia 22,754
Iran (Islamic Republic of) 10,658
Iraq 568
Ireland 1,667
Israel 3,800
Italy 8,386
Jamaica 452
Japan 2,922
Jordan 1,627
Kazakhstan 397
Kenya 1,544
Kuwait 1,484
Kyrgyzstan 132
Latvia 766
Lebanon 1,240
Liberia 128
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya 495
Lithuania 1,001
Luxembourg 128
Macau 165
Macedonia 693
Madagascar 193
Malawi 136
Malaysia 19,056
Maldives 470
Malta 579
Mauritius 696
Mexico 5,190
Moldova 417
Mongolia 446
Morocco 1,185
Mozambique 154
Myanmar 499
Namibia 202
Nepal 1,241
Netherlands 5,152
Netherlands Antilles 189
New Zealand 3,440
Nicaragua 109
Nigeria 12,974
Norway 1,131
Oman 470
Other Country 218
Pakistan 26,696
Palestine 164
Panama 540
Papua New Guinea 217
Paraguay 268
Peru 1,926
Philippines 7,867
Poland 5,483
Portugal 2,066
Puerto Rico 746
Qatar 482
Romania 3,656
Russian Federation 4,568
Saudi Arabia 3,681
Senegal 295
Sierra Leone 128
Singapore 12,081
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) 700
Slovenia 626
South Africa 8,203
South Korea 14,401
Spain 6,522
Sri Lanka 3,291
Sudan 506
Suriname 108
Sweden 2,320
Switzerland 1,619
Syrian Arab Republic 1,621
Taiwan 13,175
Tanzania 611
Thailand 12,190
Togo 506
Trinidad and Tobago 515
Tunisia 932
Turkey 28,679
Uganda 498
Ukraine 3,027
United Arab Emirates 10,245
United Kingdom 34,866
United States 110,795
Uruguay 525
Uzbekistan 544
Venezuela 1,228
Vietnam 8,411
Yemen 830
Yugoslavia 1,016
Zambia 355
Zimbabwe 562

Summary by  category (industry) (top categories only)

Agriculture 69,896
Apparel & Fashion 96,970
Automobile 50,801
Business Services 87,593
Chemicals 48,524
Computer & Network 72,626
Construction & Real Estate 78,725
Electrical Equipment & Supplies 42,601
Electronic Components & Supplies 17,213
Energy 26,319
Environment 22,101
Excess Inventory 14,225
Food & Beverage 85,060
Furniture & Furnishings 65,507
Gifts & Crafts 73,868
Health & Beauty 61,741
Home Appliances 46,527
Home Supplies 87,366
Industrial Supplies 91,359
Lights & Lighting 13,813
Luggage, Bags & Cases 18,872
Minerals, Metals & Materials 66,561
Office Supplies 32,835
Packaging & Paper 37,565
Printing & Publishing 22,511
Security & Protection 18,233
Sports & Entertainment 62,890
Telecommunications 44,484
Textiles & Leather Products 142,071
Timepieces, Jewelry, Eyewear 27,421
Transportation 20,037

Infot Distributed Business Directory (tbb), requires Windows XP/2000/ME/98/95/2003
Raw data in MS Access format (require MS Access 2000 or later) is available for extra fee.

About 35
0 MB 
Full installation (with the old database) requires about 350MB.
(Size estimated without ms access file)


MDB File

We provide MS Access file (mdb) for raw data of certain products, to let the buyer export data from the directory to other applications such as MS Word, MS SQL, MS Outlook, MS Excel, etc.

MDB file is not required for general functions of the directory. The Infot directory manager bundled with the directory can work properly without the MDB files. Users purchase the MDB files only for export ability.

However, please be informed before you purchase the MS Access file.

1) Purchasing the MS Access file doesn't enable you distribute the original data beyond your unit. A personal buyer can not distribute the raw data to any other persons or business. A business buyer can not distribute the data beyond the company. Exporting or merging raw data into local business network, central databases, or other network-based platform require special business licenses from Infot for a fee. Exporting or merging data to databases or websites accessible to publish requires special publishing license from Infot for a fee. Printing, publishing or distribute the original data to outside in any format without written authorization or license is prohibited.

2) Original data can be too big to fit your target platform. MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS Word and some other applications may have a limited capacity to handle the size of the original data. 

3) Relationship between entries (companies) and categories (industries) in the MS access file may be normalized into separated tables. Understanding of "JOINING TABLES" may be required to get proper query results.

4) No technical support is provided for how to user the MDB files.

5) MDB files may be compressed in zip format and then you need a unzip tool such as "Winzip" to open the zip file.

Why MS Access file?
- Export raw data from the directory to other applications
- Communicate with other platform
- Use it directly in your own network environment

Check each product for the price of this option

How to order it?
- You can check the "Raw data" option when you shop at Faust Information.
- You have to purchase the MS Access File for the directory you selected separately when you shop at Faust Information store.

System requirement
Microsoft Access 2000 or higher version required to open the mdb file.
- No technical support for MS Access File. We only include a diagram inside the MDB file to show the relationships between tables. Meanings of fields in the main list table can be found in the "fielddefs" table.
- Some mdb files are compressed using "zip" format so you need an "unzip" tool before you can open it. 

Download Size
MDB files usually are shipped on CD-ROM only.

MS Access file usually residents in the same disc of the directory you purchased. Please check the root of disc for "mdb" files or zip files. It's usually named by the code of the product.